About Cajun and Zydeco Music


The Cajun music genre evolved from French Folk music and features several styles of partner dancing: Waltzes, Two-steps and Jitterbugs.


Cajun Music is mainly performed and danced to in the state of Louisiana in the USA, and can also be found in Texas, and some Northern states. It is mostly sung in Cajun French, accompanied by a single row diatonic accordion, fiddle, acoustic guitar, double bass and 'tifer (a triangle traditionally forged from the tines of a pitchfork).


Zydeco music has evolved from Cajun, Creole, Funk and Rhythm and Blues, and is more electric rock-oriented in style with a compelling African element to the beat and a 'get down and groove' syncopated partner-dance style. Instrumentally, single or multi-row diatonic accordions or piano accordions are used, accompanied by electric guitar, electric bass, drums, saxophone and blues harp.


The current Cajun scene in the UK:


There are several annual Cajun festivals in the UK, notably at Gloucester, Bristol and North Shropshire, where bands from the UK, Europe and the USA play to hundreds of Cajun dance enthusiasts, and dance tuition is provided in workshops.


There are also regular Cajun events in Gloucester, Bristol, Sussex, Kent and London, featuring Cajun dancing to live bands, and basic dance tuition is often provided before the gig.


Thre are many British musicians who are dedicated to preserving traditional Cajun music in the UK, by bringing a taste of a Louisiana Bal (dance) for you to sample, savour and enjoy!


As the Cajuns say: Laisser les Bontemps Rouler!


Use this link for a brief history of the Cajun genre, its music and dance.