Dennis Parnham


Musician and songwriter.


Main instruments:

  • Vocals - lead and backing
  • Cajun Fiddle
  • Cajun Accordion
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Tenor Sax
  • Blues Harp
  • Drums
  • Hand Percussion
  • Mandolin
  • Double Bass
  • Electric bass
  • Tea Chest bass
Current activities:
  • Songwriting and arranging
  • Provision of Cajun dance tuition at festival workshops
  • Percussion, harmonica and double bass with Cam Jammers ukulele group

Contact details:



Next Gig: Bal4 Cajun Band, Saturday March 9th, Mardi Gras Party at Longlevens Village Hall, Gloucester



         First public performance was on drums at the age of 13 at Cam Memorial Hall, playing the classic drum instrumental 'Wipeout' by The Surfaris