What kind of band is BAL4 ?


BAL4 comprises a quartet of dedicated and enthusiastic English musicians who perform traditional Cajun ‘Bal’ dance music originating from the bayous of Louisiana, USA.


The Cajun phrase "Bal de Maison" originated from dances held at someone’s house - typically in the front room. These dances were usually announced by the host of the party simply yelling from his or her porch to the neighbours.  







The music is played in the style of the legendary Balfa Brothers, and features Cajun French harmony vocals, twin fiddles, Cajun accordion, rhythm guitar,  ‘tifer (triangle - forged from the tines of an iron pitchfork) and other improvised percussion instruments.




BAL4 members:


Dennis Parnham


Accordion, fiddle, vocals

Liz Manners


Tifer, frottois, vocals

Richie Wild


Acoustic guitar, vocals

John Trimble

Fiddle, vocals



Cajun dancing is social partner dancing which originated from French folk dance, and varies from simple two steps and waltzes to the more lively and elaborate Cajun Jitterbug style.


Cajun dance instruction can be provided by BAL4, and in less than half an hour, even absolute beginners can be dancing basic two steps and waltzes and having a good time while the band performs!


BAL4 seek to honour the memory of the BALFA BROTHERS, who were so influential in preserving traditional Cajun music, by bringing a taste of a Louisiana Bal (dance) for you to sample, savour and enjoy!


As the Cajuns say: Laisser les Bontemps Rouler!


Contact details


Email: Dennis.Parnham@Hotmail.co.uk


Next performances:


Bristol Cajun and Zydeco Festival at The Folk House, 40a Park Street, Bristol.

    Friday 11th October 2019 - 8pm - 9pm, Lagniappe performance in the bar


BAL4 will also be leading the jam sessions in the Festival bar on

    Saturday 12th October 2019,  17:30 to 19:30

    Sunday   13th October 2019,  17:00 to 19:00